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Elephant Tours

Mr Tree is the founder of the Mondulkiri Project. The Mondulkiri Project is an eco-tourism organisation developed in consultation with the local hill tribe community. It is located close to Sen Monorom in a beautiful jungle valley with waterfalls, swimming holes and wildlife. It is the perfect place to see elephants and go trekking in the jungle.

All tour fees go towards funding the elephant sanctuary and an elephant breeding program. They also go towards protecting forests from logging and to pay wages, food and medical support to the hill tribe staff and their families

The Mondulkiri Project is locally owned and operated so all money remains in Cambodia for the benefit of Cambodians.

For more information visit Mondulkiri Project website

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Tour 1: One day Elephant Adventure tour
$50 per person*

  • Walk with and feed 4 elephants in the jungle (no elephant riding)
  • Swim with and wash an elephant at the waterfall
  • Learning about elephants and the hill tribe culture and traditions
  • Lunch and wildlife watching at the Jungle Lodge. Relax in a hammock
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Tour 2: Two days Elephant & Jungle Trek Tour
$80 per person*

  • Walk with, feed, swim with and wash elephants in the jungle
  • Jungle Lodge campfire with traditional hill tribe cooking and rice wine
  • Sleep in hammocks in the Mondulkiri Project’s Jungle Lodge
  • Full day trek with expert Bunong jungle guide. You may even see wild deer and monkeys
  • Visit hill tribe farms within the jungle

* Tour price includes meals, water, guide fees and transport

What you need to bring with you in preparation for jungle trekking:
Light, long sleeved clothing to wear during the day. Warm clothing for the night. Sturdy footwear. Swimming clothes, towel, a hat and sun protection. Insect repellent. Baby wipes. Rain coat or poncho. Torch. Camera.

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